As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods
They kill us for their sport.

I hate King Lear, but kind of like this line. It is kind of rhythmical and depressing in a wry ironic way.

Can’t wait for CAP alumni meeting this Saturday. Apparently Geoff mentioned something about watching Harry Potter together before/after the meeting. Yes let’s watch it together! I HAVE 12 MEMBERS IN MY FAN CLUB.

I know it’s nothing, but it’s still mildly comforting to know that… 11 people (12 minus me) actually bothered to CLICK the button to join my fan club! So all you people join now please thanks! Also, I have 78 friends on Friendster now. Now for the hundred!

Starting next week I shall morph into a mugger and mug till oblivion. If I can. (but I have to.)

Rich is so amusing sometimes.

Me: Hey Rich, get a Friendster account!
Rich: Huh? But my friend told me Friendster has an age limit leh. 16 and above only!
Me laughs.
Me: No one uses their real age in Friendster silly.
Rich: Yeah your Friendster profile says you are 39! I shan’t fake my age! It’s UNETHICAL!
Me guffaws asks anyone to go persuade Rich to get a Friendster account.
Sean: Rich you can put your Chinese birthday. Your Chinese birthday is one year older than that of Western.
Rich: Huh really? But my birthday’s not here yet. Haiz… have to wait a few more months lah.

LOL Rich.

My mother crinkled her nose when I told her I wanted to take the arts stream in JC. She was saying something about how being a doctor is good and – ah whatever. I think I’ll just be a poor artist and die forgotten, in the midst of a society of doctors and lawyers.

*turns on emo music*


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