don’t know where this is going


Hi guys.

If there was any doubt, I am pretty sure Mr Vijay HATES me now. Yay. He is also entering what most people call MENOPAUSE. He is hardly teaching anything now, just making everyone copy down the answers and ‘taking time to think it though at home’, because he has no time. See, we were supposed to finish Linear Law today and we only touched on the second worksheet. Then anyway, today:

Vijay (sorry, MISTER VIJAY)writes something on the board and does something else.
Kieran had been mulling through the whiteboard contents to no avail, for 2 minutes.
Kieran: Uh sir I don’t quite understand what you’ve written.
M.Vijay: WHY are you asking me questions? Can’t you think it over before asking me? We are RUNNING OUT OF TIME. Just go home and think it through. See, this has wasted 25 minutes.
Me: Huh? [it was then 8.15am. He had come at 8pm like he always does. And anyway I don’t see how this was WASTING time, and how it was all KIERAN’S fault.]
M.Vijay: Matthew I don’t appreciate your comments in class! I came at 7.50am, so isn’t it 25 minutes? *seethes with hate and angst and menopause*

Okay, SORRY MR VIJAY! One of these days I shall introduce him to the mathsgasm and let him forget about his menopause woes!

Quotes from Rich, resident inferiority complex classmate:

“Mugging increases your IQ.”
“Nanyang? What school is that? Some ulu school right?”

I sat with Rich today and told him blatantly that he wasn’t cool (someone had to do it) despite his hair, and should not try to be a poseur, and that he should try to be himself. Poor troubled kid. I shall counsel him and slowly convert him into one of my asexual neutered minions! BWAHAHAHAHA

Okay, bad joke. I wouldn’t wish NEUTERING on my worst enemy.

(or would I?)


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