another cousin is a parent!

Yay I have six members in my The Official MOOTY Fan Club! on Friendster! You’re missing out if you don’t join, because we’ll have VERY VERY fun Fan Club activities (like praising me and coming up with gift ideas for my birthday. I need a new wallet and laptop and goggles and graphic novel hint hint).

Youth attendance dropped by 40% today, and I was wondering why. Then I remembered that our church now has two campuses, so we have two Youth services! Yay!

(and after church I was walking in front of two girls, then this small boy went up to one of the girls and said rather loudly, “Pa and I got your sanitary pad. It’s in the car.” Then the girls giggled abashedly and carried on discussing the sister’s sanitary pads with the little boy, who candidly talked about blood in pants and something like that, I was too busy laughing to listen in.)

My mathsgasm theory has received much publicity, mostly bad. But heck. There is no such thing as BAD publicity! And to that, all of us will shout excitedly, “We’re as straight as Linear Law!” (which btw IS an easy topic)

Scurrying off now to some first month celebration of my cousin’s baby. Haven’t seen the baby yet. They all look the same anyways. I hope there’s lots of food at the celebration, yeeha. I’m feeling hungry as always.

Sayounara. Something for you to feel good about yourself and lift your spirits:

What do you and this cat have in common?
You’re both neutered.


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