sleep… mmmmmmm

Slept at six yesterday and woke up seven this morning.

13 hours of sleep! Woot!

I am very very very tired these days. Slept at 1-plus yesterday then had Drama of History auditions yesterday and slept on the bus back home and missed the bus stop and took the corresponding bus back home.

Then I went home and slept.

And skipped dinner.

Drama of History auditions was pretty screwed up.

Especially the sounds (but no finger-pointing here! We are a team! *Victory sign*), which unwittingly put the sound effects on autoplay for the start :O = suicide. But other than that it was alright, I survived my bit-part role, and the judges laughed at the right time, I think. Now we just have to look up to the heavens and plead! (but honestly I’m kinda hoping we don’t get top-three, because if we do we’ll have to perform AGAIN, in front of much bigger audience I’ve been informed). The other schools, while mostly less illustrious than us, seem more professional, since most of them are the drama club members for their schools! Damn.

After the audition some SPH person called me. Jessica or whatever her name was. [ARGH!!! I should have done what Beverly did and screwed up survey so the SPH people wouldn’t bother to call me. But I did the survey properly and wrote my name and all, like the SUCKER for punishment I am.]

“Hi Matthew, this is Jessica from SPH.”
“Did you sit for NSW Maths the other day?”
Huh? “Yeah”
“Do you know anything about a teacher being strangled by student?”

OMG HOW DOES SHE/SPH KNOW. I, the premier online RI news leaker, did not even blog about it! (always slipped my mind to do so.) Yes Sean told me something about it but I was no witness to what must have been a very interesting event. Apparently a sec two did it, and it was because he was cheating.

I answer her questions, responding that I did not witness the incident, evading most other questions, only stating the obvious rumors that have been circulating round. So don’t blame me if some article appears in the ST about said RI incident.

I have also understood why the media are depicted in such bad light.

I have invented the mathsgasm.

It refers to achieving a state of sexual satisfaction derived from discussing homework and other objects of academia, popularly in maths. Some call it ‘homework sex’.

Most people in the RAs (except Lit and possibly Hist since they rock), 3A, 3B, 3C, and 3D are popularly known to be active participants in this sinful and indulgent activity.

The mathsgasm is largely verbal (except for people that have VERY carnal relationships with their worksheets.) A typical mathsgasm would go like this:

Nerd 1: Hey, how big is yours?
Nerd 2: 2^4, so buzz off at c [speed of light], n00b.
Nerd 1: Pah! Mine are 2^8! =P
Nerd 2: Oh my gosh! You are DIVINE! But check out my PARABOLIC curvaceous curves!
Nerd 1: That’s nothing. Check out my perfect pi-r-square glasses.
Nerd 2: Up and down like a flawless cubic graph! *runs finger down nerd 1 sexily*

The mathsgasm usually ends up with both (or more) parties writhing on the floor debating Newton and moaning in respect for Pythagoras. In which all participants will shout: “Q.E.D.!” (Quite Easily Done)

The Pokemon competition was held Friday, and I arranged for Abel to take over me. I had to rush CAP portfolio photocopying and all that crap, so I was really lucky I got a WALKOVER in the q-finals! Then lunchtime I had to go off for DoH so he played for me and helped me get second LOL. And he’s really sore about losing in the finals to a noob sec 2. Argh my team really sucked so…


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