Talking about ‘addix’, I’ve realised that many people think “Rubik’s cube” is spelled as “Rubix cube” or “Rubic’s cube” or “Rubrics cube”. No! Rubik is the Hungarian dude who invented the cube or something, and thus the name. His name sounds suspiciously like ‘rubrics’, and thus I hate him to the core.

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(I’m addicted to Microsoft Paint these days. Remember, Paint > Photoshop! =D)

Also, I have become addicted to Pokemon again! Specifically, Pokemon Emerald. It is rather fun, and if I may say so it’s much fun-ner than Diamond lah! (because of Battle Frontier)

Had PE today – handball. Handball is such a weird game – since I’ve always thought handball as a fatal foul in football. It is basically waterpolo on land, srsly – with basketball ball control techniques required. It is rather fun, but scoring is kinda hard since we can’t get within a three-meter radius of the goal. Sean on the other team wins the highly prestigious Foul Play award. I was about to shoot then he sent me clattering down from behind! And friends, the outdoor basketball court is the WORST PLACE to fall on. I grazed meself on the elbow!

Mr Teo Chai Yaw, the funniest teacher in RI, says such witty things. During morning assembly:

Him: Tomorrow is Mufti day. [he sounds as happy as a constipated bloated hippo. Wait, he always does. You never know when he’s scolding us or praising us.] You are allowed to come in green black and white. Make sure you showcase the individuality of RI by dressing up properly. [or something lame like that, I can’t remember]

Then he proceeds to say something really really funny.

Him: One last rule – no cross-dressing.
Him: Don’t laugh, it has happened before.
Us: Huh?
Him: Yes, students have come in the school uniform of other schools before. This is a very serious matter.

NO he was not joking, he was perfectly poker-faced (and in any case he does not have a very developed sense of humour). HE THOUGHT THE TERM ‘CROSS-DRESSING’ COULD EXTEND TO SOMETHING OUTSIDE EPICENE CONNOTATIONS! Hahah. We love you, Mr Teo! (not really)

Portfolio: have three complete works now. Two more. Portfolio due tomorrow, go me go me go me two more I can do it I shall trust in the Lord!

Also tomorrow: Drama of History. I hope everyone acts well and that we get into the top three and that the judges would get the jokes. (Haha I hope we win the whole thing in the finals! The prize money is like $3000 or $5000! They’ll probably present half the money to the school like they always do, but that’d still leave everyone with around $100 each! Enough to buy lots of stuff.)

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This is George, star of The Teletubbies Action Movie. He used to be black and evil, remember?

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But good always wins, so he gets converted to the good side and becomes white (and switches that suspicious-looking head appendage into a halo!) He is thereafter known as Good Ol’ Georgey.

Damn. I just spoilt the ending. And I think George the Blacktubby looks much cooler than Good Ol’ Georgey. :( Nevermind. I shall insert in the movie some corny maxim like “Beauty is but skin deep!”

Ta. Off to complete that portfolio.

[And I’ve been having a strange obsession with milk. Strange. I used to hate it! But I drink lots now, since it’s the only drink creamy and chilled in my house. Heh, calcium for the win!]


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