race against time

Reason for post title: an email from our CAP teacher-in-charge, a rather nice(-looking) teacher by the name of Ms Chew.

Those of you who are interested in mentorship should be submitting 3 copies of your portfolio and letter of undertaking to me. I will mail it out on your behalf but you need to complete everything, in particular the letter of undertaking, by tomorrow. I will send everything out tomorrow. Don’t forget that I need to get the letters signed so you need to give the headmaster some time to sign it.

I need to complete my CAP portfolio by tomorrow! No way! No shit. No chance.


Current status of prose portfolio (now there’s probably no chance of poetry portfolio. I shall just write poems for fun!) :

-2 completed stories
-1 half-finished piece (more unfinished than finished, really)
-1 idea

I plan to submit just five pieces, five VERY good ones. So I need to finish my half-finished piece, make concrete my idea, and think of another idea and make that into a story.

While juggling my homework. Ahh, heck homework.

Today was maths test! No, I don’t think I got zero upon 11.

I should get three marks, since I managed to solve the first question, and nothing else. Yes, I should be lynched for not studying, blah blah. But logs is just one of those un-understandable subjects, srsly. Never mind. Linear Law, the new topic, seems relatively easy, and I should be looking to pull up my grade via this (remember, Matthew, don’t play your Rubik’s cube or make sarcastic comments in maths!).

The Pokemon competition was today, and I was up against someone much proer than I would have hoped for. I thought I’d lose, and in fact I would have. But his Slaking was at minimum happiness and therefore did like 10% of its optimum damage. I won 3-0 (flattering scoreline really. Not common in Pokemon battles to have clean sweeps, since the battle can usually hinge on one very powerful Pokemon and its huge stat boosts.) I won with Rayquaza Dragon Dancing ONCE and owning all with Earthquake.

Drama of History rehearsal today just before training – we were unserious and acted rather badly. Jon pretended to be angry at us, to no avail. So in the end I think he really WAS angry and we decided to rehearse good and proper for a last time, and we kinda improved.

Friday – Drama of History AUDITION!!!!! At museum or something.
11 July – OotP movie! Bwahaha. That, and the results will be released. If we get top 3 we have to perform on National Day or something equally time-consuming.

Training was cool. We simply played a match and did some PT and after that Mr Lim yet again endorsed Marcus, resident Campus Superstar II contestant! Yeah. Like what the hell apparently the TV station want to film Marcus training! Eeks. I shall conveniently skip training that day.

[BTW I Googled Marcus’ name and found out that he has a FAN CLUB! I know I shouldn’t be that surprised, but… it’s just weird to know someone who has a fan club. Go check out the fan club Yahoogroup, there’s a rather weird picture of Marcus posing. Bah, never thought much of fan clubs.]



  • RE report by Monday
  • Chinese book review, long due
  • Chinese compos x4, ditto
  • Chem worksheet
  • Consider doing up pieces for various writing competitions (Platero and I)
  • Await the twin Harry Potter releases with bated breath
  • Do the same for CAP alumni meeting – 14 JULY CAPPERS UNITE! *insert lame cliched school cheer*
  • Play Pokemon!

I think I shall just do ‘Portfolio’ and ‘Play Pokemon’. And ‘Await twin Harry Potter releases’ and ‘Await CAP alumni meeting’.

Moses Soh called me ‘mooty’ today on the second floor of admin block. Which is kinda surprising since I didn’t know he even KNEW who I was. But he seems to be rather nice, considering the times I MSN-stalked him last year under the persona of Esplanade Chee. I must thank him for giving me inspiration for Esplanade! Lol.


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