I create a new prefix!

Yes. For this post, I shall create a new prefix for the English language!

f- pre. Used before any adjective, to denote a high degree/magnitude of. Eg. fugly means f***ing ugly; VERY ugly.

Use the mooty-created prefix now! You can use it to sound kool. Or whatever. (more about being cool later)

Okay, so school was fboring today. It was Headmaster’s Assembly, and the only thing funny was Mr Teo Chai Yaw. (shan’t elaborate. Let’s all pretend that he was humorous, instead of laughable, shall we?) Headmaster’s speech was also fboring, and thankfully short. The only thing funny in his speech was an unintentional pun. He referred to some China guy as Yang, and kept referring to Yang as a young man, young person, young mind, whatever. That caused some laughter, I suppose. We can be fchildish when we want to.

During PE we went to check out the new school gym and IT WAS FCOOL. We were all prancing around (okay not really) the gym like impressionable kids in a gigantic toy factory, checking out the fexpensive equipment and such. It’s really cool. Waterpolo has a timeslot on Tuesday afternoons I think, not sure of the timeslot. Yay! The gym rocks.

Youth Week this week, remember? So apparently tomorrow we get to come in CCA shirt.

Me: CCA shirt? (wondering openly what kind of CCA shirt is expected)
Shoujian: For you, you come in trunks.

Okay… that’s kinda flame and fsick. Apparently it’ll be mufti the rest of the week? Except with different “dress codes”, lol. It’s going to be house T-shirts some other day.

I went for NSW Maths! It was kinda feasy. I only remember getting stumped by the last question, which I eventually solved. Yay me!

Today there was a Taiwan contingent of students visiting us. Didn’t know anything about it, so when I saw a large group of red-uniformed people standing around I thought they were some sort of National Day celebration people. Okay so then everyone is talking and speculating about how hot the Taiwanese girls were. Pfft. They looked largely fugly.

Geoff is jealous of Jon for being popular with girls, and I thusly create this “Be Kool!” guide for everyone who wants to be cool and popular with girls! It is really cool and complete with painstakingly Googled pictures. (don’t blame me if this doesn’t work. I’m not going to try it.)

Be Kool now! [dedicated to Geoff!]

1. You need kool sunglasses. Sunglasses make you kool in more than one way! *insert involuntary giggle*

2. BE popular. Coming across as popular will lend a certain sort of koolness to your profile, and this will let the girls be in awe of you! The easiest way to do this is Photoshop Emma Watson’s picture with a picture of you, and post this as your MSN display picture! (to extend the pretence you may want to change your MSN nick to something like “Emma’s house is huge!” etc.)

3. Wear tiny shirts. For an average 15-year-old teen, you may want to check out the Giordano Junior’s line for 7-year-olds. Remember, the smaller the shirt, the bigger your biceps! (even if you have none to speak off, you can masquerade your fats as such!)

4. Read up some pickup lines for you to recite with panache! This impresses when it doesn’t irk (which is most of the time), and straightaway catapults you to the kool category.
5. Ditto for love poems. Try Shakespeare.
6. Wear very baggy jeans. It’s not baggy enough if it can’t be pulled down easily!

And that concludes my Be Kool feature! Any kooler than this, and you’ll have to peel it yourself! (Whoops, that sounded wrong.)


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