teletubbies, dickheads and emma watson

Happy Youth Day!

Went to school again. Drama of History takes up lots of time! But frankly I quite like it. Makes me pretend that I have a flourishing school life, etc etc. The rehearsal at museum was rather good yeeha we’re gonna win top 3! (and apparently if we do that we have to perform at some National Day event! Hope it’s not the Parade) Played lots of Pokemon too.

Didn’t feel like doing any work today, so I took out some A4 paper and started planning my… MOVIES! Scans are up. Tell me if you can’t read them. I’ll email them to you personally.

My movies rock! Please drop a tag commenting kthx, like which movie is your favourite! Too bad ideas like these are better left as… ideas. No, it’s not time wasted! I was exploring other non-literary art forms yeah.

(Oh and whoever cares to hear my Teletubbies conspiracy theory can approach me about it. It’s a lot of racism, name-calling, sex, sexualitism and other isms so I don’t feel safe posting it up.)

I shall listen to lots of trashy songs! Like… Irreplaceable. I shall loop it for hours and let my brain atrophy to nothingness (to hide the pain……..)!

Have about three tests this week. I shall conveniently forget all about them and hope I pass at least one (no chance about the maths though D:)

que sera sera.

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