Gameshow or No Gameshow?

I have decided! To get new trunks!

I have barely enough savings for that, and I can coerce some from my parents! See, it’s all thanks to Daryl’s lime-green and black trunks that got me all jealous. Hah! I will probably get something close to that, definitely not the same.

Good goggles are more important, but definitely less trendy. Therefore, it’s next up on the list. Oh well. Then I shall get one of those cool towels. One day, one day! (I just have to go to Orchard Road, solve my Rubik’s cube countless times and beg for money.)

[Noooo the GST hike starts today. I think by 2100 Singapore’s GST will be around 50%. And the Prime Minister then will still be surnamed Lee.]

Oh, I was inspired by yesterday’s soccer match to create a few new gameshows!

One of them is called Goal or No Goal? I have no idea how it’s gonna be played, but I can just picture the audience saying “NO GOAL! NO GOAL!” because the audience are stupid that way in Deal or No Deal. So are the “friends”, who seem to think that there is a good chance of bagging the higher amount even when the chance is like 5%. Well, it’s not THEIR money.

The other gameshow will be Banana or No Banana? The contestant will argue with Adrian for one hour regarding the existence of a banana on a table. Then contestant will occasionally ask the friends and audience for help, who will ALWAYS say “NO BANANA! NO BANANA! NO BANANA!”

Haha! My gameshows rock. I just need to think of an excuse to fit in 26 hot scantily-dressed babes, like in the original. Oh yeah! They can dress up as bananas!


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