hellish homage to homework

zhiming: NO IT WASN’T. Try handling a class of hyper kindy kids who think you’re their FRIEND and that they can BOUNCE AROUND ON YOUR LAP. =(
geoff: Go away! And jerseys > shirts, even if it is unoriginal.
charm!: Haha wouldn’t skirts be more airy? Ok forget I said that.
anon: They are spiffier than RI pants!
pizzat: Okay… can’t remember things like that!
brent: I skip because I have IMPORTANT PROJECT MEETINGS, unlike YOU! Pfft.
lynette: You can seduce Michael to give his to you! =D

Yay! I have been playing Pokemon again! This has been sparked by the school Youth Day competition that will be held next Wednesday. Wouldn’t have worked so hard if I didn’t feel I had a great chance of winning this. Apparently Jon Lim is a favourite because he has three level 100s! NO, level 100s aren’t anything. I can clone Rare Candies and get there in half an hour (and I will. Time is better spent on homework and breeding and training my Pokemon to rape em’ all!) Haha. With the advice and mentorship of Abel the Great, I shall winnnnnnnnnn!!!!

Ta. More later.


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