I will survive!

Yes I got my shorts today! (and got a little late for Drama of History, though they were still having lunch anyway) I shall be wearing them to school EVERY DAY!!!!!!!! Haha. There’s just something in shorts that smacks of freedom! FLY!!

And thus I lost yet another day to DoH! It’s sapping up my gaming time, but I suppose it gives me a slight sense of achievement. I’d be staying at home TRYING to do chinese homework anyway, so there’s no difference.

Can’t wait for the class jersey to come out, then “Mooty” will be immortalized! (with his very interesting number. You’ll see.)

I’m REALLY REALLY broke. Pastamania yesterday lunch and Yoshinoya today dinner = close to $20 already. Shitz. I still want to

-watch movies (Transformers, Harry Potter OotP)
-get Deathly Hallows
-get Watchman, the graphic novel
-add to my savings

So it’s really impossible unless I kidnap Mr Bob Koh and take over his very cushy job. <– JOKE, I DID NOT MEAN THIS. Have been hearing from random schoolmates that teachers were apparently instructed not to give homework. What? WHAT? Oh, I’ve just reflected upon the pointless RI teaching system. It goes so bloody fast that we end up not learning anything. SRSLY. We doddle through maths lessons, until two days before a maths test (which is quite often). Yes, the next two days in class would be hellish mugging. We scrape through the test, pass, get full marks, or something near. We go on to next topic. Forget about everything I’ve learnt the previous topic. I don’t know about other people, because that’s how I’m learning my maths. I’ll die in EOYs. I don’t think even lucky me would pass the log test next week. I haven’t been listening in class, and worse yet: don’t understand anything of it.

I AM GOING TO WATCH SINGAPORE VS AUSTRALIA WITH MY CLASSMATES TOMORROW! Yes yes yes my weekend can yet be saved. I shall also try to catch Transformers, which seems to be the hot movie of the week.

I will survive, together with the help of my spiffy RI shorts.


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