busy crap

Staff training day number two!

Staff training day number one was quite crappy. I spent the whole day from 10am to 9pm at BISHAN, having chem makeup lesson (in which I didn’t listen at all and tasted the distilled water in the lab, which doesn’t really taste distilled), doing Drama of History props and acting and everything menial, and having dinner with History people. Today looks to be the same, safe for chem makeup lesson.

The only fun thing about yesterday was that we had the whole LT to ourselves! I invented a new sport: jumping around on every single LT chair and timing yourself! I shall call it ‘sport chair-jumping’, yo! I got tired after awhile, takes a lot out of you, having to lift your thighs every step! (and I nearly tripped few times cos I was in my socks)

So anyway I’ve decided to join the Pokemon competition in school! I think I have a fine chance of winning, seeing as I’m one of at most three people in the competition who knows anything about tactical battling and breeding and being pro (=D).

Yay I’m off to school now, going to get a pair of RI shorts on the way! Haha. I shall wear shorts for the large of the school year. Shorts are delightfully comfy to wear! No need belt and all that crap, and it makes you more flexible too. And I can go around masquerading as a Sec 1 and acting stupid.

Ta! School neutralises me and makes me gay, so that’s kind of good. Goodbye, cellulite emotional baggage!


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