Back to school! I shall post random disjoint facts about school.

We have a new deputy headmaster, like omgwtf. How many do we have now huh? And I hardly see any of them except at SPORTS FINALS or ORA JOGATHONS. They earn their money doing that! But apparently some deputy headmaster left, so he got replaced. Okay… Shan’t insinuate anything about how they seem useless.

Then I went to class and there was an F-word on my table. SHEESH. So I changed it with Hrishikesh’s table. Then I realised that Hrishikesh went back to India already (he’s one of the two Indian scholars!) so my foolhardy action went unnoticed.

First lesson was maths! (managed to copy maths assignment off someone, yay me) It was kinda sorta maybe DEFINITELY boring, since it was still LOGARITHMS. I got 8/12 for maths test, which is a passing mark, and is thus quite satisfactory, haha… Then in the middle of his lesson Mr Vijay (which I shall refer to affectionately as King Vijay the Third from now on) was talking about some boring thing and I went like “So lame!” And OMG everyone heard me and King Vijay the Third made me go up to the board and do something I didn’t know how to do! Lawl. I was a bad boy! (and I shall try to internalize my emotions from now on) And I shan’t be mean to King Vijay the Third anymore, since it’s not his fault he’s so uninteresting, right?

Then, um… English. Sagar relates the story of Hrishi having left the class/school/country. Ms Kuang asks Sagar to tell her if anyone bullies him. Then he says, “Mooty” and everyone laughs. HEY!!!!1111 That’s not fair! I’m a nice and courteous student! Like whatever! PFFFT. Everybody HATES me!!!!!111111 (like Geoffrey calling me a girl and all!)

And we have a new Physics teacher! Highly dramatic, since our old teacher was the best we ever had (yes you Mr Liu! [rhyme]). But the new teacher was… *sound of deflated air* He did characteristically boring stuff when he came in, like writing his name “Mr NG” on the whiteboard and commenting that the class was dirty. And he was highly boring. Bleh, another lesson for me to sleep in. Just that it’s rather sad that all our good teachers either get pregnant or get… out.

School now seems to me an otiose undertaking. I think CAP did that, and some other confused emotions, yes. I think I shall pray that everything be alright and that school soon numbs me from my all-too-emotional feelings that feel like love (but are most probably not).

An RJC triathlete died after a triathlon. An RI student in my batch fell off the second floor of the SR block today. May God bless them.

[damn feel like downloading songs after a year of inactivity, but suddenly have a phobia of police raids! Oh conscience stop bugging me! Bah.]


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