one ri boy needs love

Woke up at 10.30am today. Wow not bad I got 9 hours of sleep! Late for church anyhow. Woke up to find my cousin and her baby here. Her baby was born at the start of the year, so he’s about fourteen years younger than me! (and I’m sort of like an uncle. Cousin-uncle? Yay! Nuncle = me!) Learnt how to carry a baby. He’s really fat, but I guess that’s like an attractive baby, unlike the connotation fat has in teenage life! (and he’s gross and salivary, and even threatened my c—– with his feet at times! Naughty lowdown baby!)

Oh I checked this cousin chart, and apparently we are first cousins once removed! Eh that sucks, it says nothing about me being an ELDER or UNCLE of sorts. Pish tosh. And I’ll never get the first cousin second cousin once/twice removed thing. So complicated.

Sigh. Teenage life is lame.

Back to bondage tomorrow, this time with lots and lots of emotional baggage AND undone homework. Oh, here are some weird analogies I came up with (feeling bored and strangely detached from sanity):

Homework is like castration: it makes you lose the will to live.
Love is like constipation: It’s hard to get things out of you!

Yes. You may use my analogies in your essays without credit, though I take no responsibility for outcome.

Listened to James Blunt after a long period of time. I like his songs! They’re high-pitched and cool. At least it’s something different lah. (they’re synthesised right??) Looping Wisemen till the end of time! I don’t really understand the song, but the music and voice is good. Haha. SHALLOW MUSIC LOVER –> ME <– SHALLOW MUSIC LOVER My favourite JB songs are Billy and Wisemen! (a crowd-follower, I am not!)

Oh and I was poring over my statcounter stats. Yes I’m insecure and need to know who my friends are! But statcounter is really leet. Its easier to navigate than Google A, albeit less professional-looking. Anyway I realised that I had unknown referrers! I tracked down this blog which belongs to a Benjamin Aw, which I think I remember from 2Q06 (but don’t really know.)? I was linked under “Quite an interesting blog”. Aww… I know that already, but thanks for reminding me dude! :)

Statcounter rocks.


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