last post of the holidays (or not)

Today is one of those rabid posting days.

I can almost smell the dread on my MSN contact list!

School is starting tomorrow! It’s sexy and fun! And ‘in’! And cool! In fact, everyone would love it if it didn’t have the teachers. And homework. And lessons.

We could just go for recess the whole day! (and PE.)

Just realised that most of the holiday homework is not due tomorrow! Which means that I get to survive for about one more week. And the end of the first week sees a whopping four (or five, can’t remember) day weekend! JOY! (though the weekend will be utterly consumed doing useless stuff like studying and homework)

Okay, Matthew. Gird your loins! (oh crap, now I’m talking to myself) I think Thursday commences the weekend – (the time will be spent grooming our teachers, who rarely seem to improve after those upgrading courses they go for). So I only have THREE days to suffer! Bwahahah

Oh wait.

Friendly yahoogroup class chat
Mr . Vetuz will give a makeup lesson on Thurs, 8am-9am so you cannot escape.
Burg: Make up lesson my ass i’m sure i duwwan go school one hour, i go back and forth already need 2 hours. Piang eh who needs make up lessons zzz
Beng: Not my prob…anyway I have chem DMP so it is ok.
Matthew: Shuttup fool! I don’t have. I wanna stay home and slack (and do undone hw). Every teacher will want a makeup lesson, holding it after school or on the holiday itself, then what would be the fscking point of the holiday??
Beng: ok, ok, I apologise. I shall quietly withdraw from this argument.
Sean: hahahaha i got training so i cannot go.
Daniel: i got lit workshop
Matthew: I’ve got… an early morning bout of constipation on that day! (don’t ask me how I know, it’s just GONNA HAPPEN)

I’ve got one word of encouragement for everyone: Believe in the powers of your bowels! *cue tumultuous applause and many people shouting my name*

I have made up my mind: I shall sleep at 10pm tonight! To make up for the 1am nights in like the whole of past week. Sleep is nice.

Crapppp haven’t done anything for CAP mentorship portfolio in the past two days. Two stories down, four to go! (frankly I’m really pleased by the two stories. I just need four more of the same quality and I will win!!!!!!1111111oneoneone)

And now some keywords to get this blog spotted and have a larger teenage readership:

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Look who’s alone now, it’s not me, it’s not me
Those three wise men, they’ve got a semi by the sea
Gotta ask yourself the question, “Where are you now?”
Gotta ask yourself the question, “Where are you now?”
*nice 30 second instrumental*

And I like you!


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