I’m not ignoring you

Wow! I was halfway into this post, when, being the smartass I was, I… pressed the computer’s power button for no explicable reason! Bleh. The computer switched off. But anyway, hurrah to Blogger’s auto-save function! I blame the power button for being so inviting, you flighty temptress! [I forgot where I got “flighty temptress” from, so I googled it and realised it was something Dumbledore said. My current read is Half-Blood Prince! I reckon this is my 4th time on it.]

Whee CAP GATHERING! It was tiring and airconless. But still fun in a social sort of way. We should have something like this every week dude! And we all love Geoffrey!

10 random observations about myself
1. I shouldn’t wear a black shirt on potentially hot days. (even if to show my loyalty to house, which is non-existent. But I like the Hullett shirts.)
2. I think my wardrobe has mostly black shirts. Got three this year through OBS, Hullett and CAP
3. I need to grow up.
4. I am not gay.
5. I feel thirteen. Thirteen is a cool age to be. Secondary school fun. (I feel old and like someone who has seen too much of the world.)
6. I need to open up.
7. I am horribly self-conscious.
8. I need a six-pack. (I shall give myself the very loose goal of getting one by end of next year!)
9. I like Harry Potter.
10. I want to know how you think of me.

My productivity during the trip: wrote “Ode to Peach Tea”, which has sexual innuendo. Peach Tea was bought at the first rest stop, y’see. And it was refreshing, and gave me an energy boost! Get one at any major supermarket NOW!

Talking about which, do you know one thing Orchard Road lacks?


I am blackmailed to turn to Seven-Eleven whenever I need a drink, the cheapest at which being an unhealthy Gulp. When I want food, it’s some fast food outlet that sells overpriced and unhealthy stuff. But then, that’s sort of their point. Orchard Road is nothing, really, other than the various bookshops. (though Vivo is worse.)

Left with one day (tomorrow) to do all my homework. Unlikely. I shall just pick and choose homework to do. Meanwhile, I shall generate reasons for why this is my worst holiday yet, homework speaking.

1. I have never before used up half a holiday just like that. CAP+Church camp = 10 days (plus the weekends before and after spent doing nothing – 6 days)
2. CAP made me high.
3. I have never before had TEN SUBJECTS.
4. Emoing. (refer to point 2)
5. Rubik’s cube.
6. Blogging, blogsurfing of CAPper-blogs (refer to point 2)
7. CAP mentorship portfolio.
8. Harry Potter mania.
9. Stupid Chinese relief teacher who gave us four compos, one book review, one book test for 3 super boring China magazines. Granted, book review and book test are level-wide, but the FOUR COMPOS were imposed by her because she squandered curriculum time and thus had no time to dispense the compos during term time, giving us AMPLE TIME TO DO UP THE FKING COMPO(S).
10. New exco position in RT which wasn’t there last June hols.
11. Lit RA.
12. Drama of History production which will take up some time.

I’m going to do something to get expelled from RI. Getting expelled from RI is actually rather easy. I just have to do something shocking and perverse, like pinching the nipple of our beloved armchair Headmaster. Or better still, insinuate that our beloved Headmaster is an armchair Headmaster, which will kinda work better, since their egos are bigger than their nipples.

YES PLEASE READ THIS BLOG AND EXPEL ME, SO I CAN GO TO TAMAN SERASI SECONDARY SCHOOL OR WHATEVER (I live on Taman Serasi btw, so should there be such a school I’d be able to reach there in five minutes), AND TAKE UP FIVE SUBJECTS OR SOMETHING. See, I’m such an ungrateful student, I do not value my intelligence, I ought to be shot and my brains given to a Down’s syndrome kid! Yay!!!!!!!!11111111 (no offence to any Down’s syndrome kid, only utmost envy of your situation.)

Ok, CAP reminiscence time!

Madlee’s poetry workshop
Geoff and Lynette and Jesslyn and Stacy and *shudders* Ben Mak! And Charmaine. And Akshay!

It was the only poetry workshop I went for, I should have gone for more! Um there were sex and cats and love and more sex. Then GeoffLynJess and I created an innuendo-laden poem, in which I did nothing much but contribute the last line. See, the poem was stuck at “She let out a moan”. So I did what I could – rhyme it with ‘stone’. So Madlee obviously didn’t get it (or was just playing dumb). She went like “are you sure you’re not using the word ‘stone’ just to make it rhyme?” And said something else about not forcing the rhyme scheme, while we’re all smirking? Yes. I liked that workshop, for more reasons than one. In fact I think that was my favourite! The prose workshop was frankly, boring, typically prose. And playwriting was kinda fun too yes… but I don’t see myself playwriting. Proetry is me!

Next CAP reminiscence: Drama performance on last day!

There’s just no rhyme or reason
Only this sense of completion
And in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I’m searching for
I think I’ve found my way home


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