I mean nothing to you

Yay! I got to catch Fantastic Four in GOLD CLASS VIVO GV!!!!!!1111 Everything’s sexy in there. It’s a revolutionary idea – a movie-screening Esplanade. But I would never go there unless it was free (which it was, since I’m a lucky kid). I would top up $10 and go to the Esplanade or somewhere to catch a play! (Man… Lit RA gives me the opportunity to watch so many plays, my edusave is going to be depleted by year end! But plays are enriching =D)

And tomorrow’s the CAP gathering. Waited one week for it. Another half day gone. No chance of finishing my work now, then. But I have:

– DONE LOTS OF CAP PIECES. You can check out two of my pieces here: themootbook.wordpress.com and comment kthx! RAWR.
– Finished reading Life of Pi. I take back my statement – it is a great read after all! The ending made it all worthwhile. But I don’t quite understand it. Shall go wiki and sparknotes it to get the full picture. I need to read better as well as write better! Started sizeable chunk of ERP, it is rather easy and fun to write about the book yay! [next read: Inheritance of Loss, which I prolly am the only one in the world not to have read it :(]
– Read a very little bit of 120 Days of Sodom, enough to know that it is sick, enough to find out that the whole book is freaking long, enough to know that I shan’t be reading it that much after all. Takes too much time, not that worth it, huh? But I’ll give it credit for its vocab.
– Contemplated.

Saw an orange NUS feeder bus at Vivo, got me thinking about CAP. Also, composed shreds of a poem titled Taller. The first line will be “I breathe much fresher air now”. The last two lines will be “Waiting for my lucky break / (Of voice.)” Aren’t they cool lines? I shall get the poem done and then delight in my genius, clapping and dancing in circles!

I can’t be your friend / Unless I pretend


This paragraph is dedicated to Brent, who got 86 on my True Friend Test. He’s LIEK, my TROO FRIEND!!! (In reward, Brent, I shall stop calling you braces boy for exactly ONE training! [please remind me though, I may forget and get carried away])The rest of you DON’T KNOW ME!!!!! I feel so sad. I shall make the test easier next time.

My June Birthday, which is on 24th June, is… coming! So you can send me SMSes. Or belated SMSes for my May birthday. Or advance SMSes for my July birthday. Or really advance SMSes (and gifts, refer to wishlist) for my NOVEMBER BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

I think I shall post later. My sleeping patterns are becoming super strange, for someone who hasn’t done much work. I stay up to get inspiration for stories! Likely the case for today.

TOMORROW, 11.30PM. BE THERE OR BE… um, a giant beet.


Joke for the day:

Q. Which plant is more dangerous than a Venus flytrap?
A. A dandy-lion!


Actually, not really. But I’m new to this joke-making thing, so cut me some slack!


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