homework and doom

Talking about doom, I started on a new… “story” to keep myself entertained. It’s called: “The Dramatic Story of DOOM”. It is really really dramatic and coincidental and such, and is my effort to capture the drama in TV serials in a wry satirical way. I wrote it on RI foolscap (as I do for all my works now… RI foolscap is just so win) and I shall be typing it up. One of these days.

I should have gone for the CAP alumni gathering thing. I’m worried they did something fun together. Shudder. An opportunity to spend time somewhere outside of home, and I snubbed it. Well, at least I got to read more of Life of Pi, which is quite dry in my opinion (since it has no sex or violence, the very essence of an adolescent’s mind! Lol), but it IS still one of the more interesting parts of my homework. Which is still largely undone, untouched so far.

Remember the jelly that RI gave everyone? I happened to have two, and one was made by my mom few weeks ago. So I, bored, decided to make the other one today morn! It was fun, but the lime jelly dissolved in hot water was extremely foul-smelling. But I succeeded! Now I just have to wait till, say, night before I can eat it (all!)! If it’s nice I might decide to buy more from NTUC periodically.

I created a new blog section, called Accolades. You may add more accolades directed at me or blog, by, say, tagging on the tagboard! Then I’d have real accolades!

Can’t wait to get my own domain. I’ll ask Spencer to do it for me.


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