third post of the day

Yes, I’m posting a lot. I’m on the comp on the pretext of doing work, and am now doing work and lots of other things.

I was just thinking I should get a “.com”. It would work out to less than $10 a year (just a bit of recess-skipping, which I am very good at) and it would give me a great ego boost at distinguishing myself from the million “.blogspot.coms” out there! Muahahahaahhah. Now, the obvious has already been taken, as have And lots of other ‘moot’ variations. Which kinda sucks. So I have thought of two nice ones, “” and “”. Now I just have to decide and gather up the moxie to actually get the .com. Heh. (I want D: much shorter)

I made a joke!

Why are Singaporeans such sociopaths?
Because they like to go around saying “eschew me!”

It wasn’t a really good joke, and I bet NO ONE gets it. Damn. I’m a misunderstood guy.

Now listening to: Simple Plan — Me Against the World
Gosh. Simple Plan can be really emo. Title says it all.


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