back to pool

First training of the holidays! Which is not my fault lah. I was BUSY.

We did lots of swimming. Followed by lots more swimming. Then there was a thunderstorm and we stopped for awhile. Then we continued our swimming (B’div is really really really different from C’div), did some passing, and did a drill, and played a match with Sec Ones (which I scored twice. Not so glorious, haha, but still made my day). There’ll be a friendly against Barker on Monday!

I think I need a wider social circle. Or I’ll stay at home so much it isn’t even funny. I haven’t even watched a MOVIE yet. Or gone to anyone’s house. And soon it’ll be back to the spartan single-sexed sickeningly sordid sham of SCHOOL. (yeah, my awesome alliteration is improving! I think the key to alliteration is vocab. I need a big vocab.)

I need counselling. Maybe I can pretend to be this really emo student and bother the school counsellor everyday. Never been counselled before, don’t know how it goes. I bet the school counsellor is really useless, and that he earns lots of money (typical of RI staff *coughBobcough*). Maybe counselled students don’t need to do as much homework, because the teachers will suddenly be much nicer to you! Hahaha. I just need to slit my wrists a little.

Kay my blog has become super boring. I shall go eat something.


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