Today! Managed to read a bit of Life of Pi (progressing very very slow here, because of rather dry subject-matter and my apparent restlessness). My young cousin came over for the larger part of today. He bought Pokemon Diamond. Sigh… I guess I’m just such a great role model for him to emulate. But he’s like, totally noob. Shan’t elaborate.

My days are ticking down to the schoolreopenness… can’t… will… myself… to… do… any work… want… CAP… outing……… haven’t written the past couple of days. I think holidays are really not a good time to write, with the boredom and all. Maybe tomorrow’s training (TO BE MY FIRST OF THE HOLIDAY! Yay! I think I’ll drown. I hope I get to train with the sec ones, which are really nice humble people, unlike some of the sec twos and threes) will give me some ideas.

I think holiday homework should kinda be banned. Since it’s a holiday and all. *laughtrack*


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