Boring day. Didn’t go to training (don’t ask) and went to Kino after lunch!

I realised that Popular DOES NOT SELL BOOKS! Wow, what an epiphany! I was like going round and round the whole place trying to find books, and only found children books and lots of stationery.

But Kino is nice and peaceful and quaint. I decided to spend time checking out graphic novels! Which are pretty cool. There’s just a certain class to graphic novels found lacking in… mere comics. And most graphic novels are about, what, sex, science, sex, violence, or sex. I shall save up to get a good old classical graphic novel (which may go up to $30)! Recommend me one, anyone!

I think there really isn’t much point to Deal or No Deal. Not like it tests you on anything other than dumb luck! And they spend one whole hour opening case after case and building up trauma. And 80% of the time, the person leaving with the money is gonna be slightly disappointed right? Because most of the time the banker gives a bad deal, or the banker could have gotten better, etc etc. And we’re all greedy people, we want more. The best thing to do would be like to stay at home and watch TV! Why go up there and be forever traumatised by a button you pressed?

(I’d say the woman in today’s episode got a good deal. $23,000 from the banker, and her case had $500. But she must probably be rather disappointed knowing she hadn’t opened another case and have the banker upped the ante.)

Had a nice afternoon nap that doubtless did wonders to my height. Beauty sleep! But that means I’m kinda restless now, at 12.30am.


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