I decided to watch Spellcast, which is basically a show for tweens to show off their powderful speeling on TV and try win $10k plus a plasticky trophy. Hey, it sounded cool. The closest thing to a spelling bee we’ll ever have here. (heh. I remember there was once a movie about a spelling bee. I remember it because then, it was like the only show rated G. Nowadays, NOTHING is rated G, btw.)

There were 8 contestants. They all had to give a self-intro. Notably,

-some girl with a long name said “Hi. I am a Pokemon fanatic and also a Neopets fanatic *sheepish grin*” She got last and ousted in the first round.

-some Indian boy whose name was Yoresh or Yogesh went “Yo yo yo my name is Yogesh I like to blah and bloh and I like rapping”. It wasn’t a very successful rap, but I give him marks for trying. AND for his nice rapper name. Oh, and he got second last and ousted in the first round.

The others were all lame and wanted to be TEACHERS and SCIENTISTS. *coughcoughpuke* How… imaginative.

[Nostalgic reminiscence: When I was young, EVERYONE (other than me!) wanted to be a teacher. It was hopeful and inspirational in a fluffy-pink-clouds way.]

Shan’t bore you with specifics, except that Singaporean kids can’t spell. A P6 guy called Sheena Tan owned all else and was beaming like an arrogant idiot. Hope he… doesn’t win, because he looks boring and he wants to be a scientist.


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